Birth of Evelyn | C- Section | Wayne Healthcare

What happens when you have a scheduled c-section and you want a birth photographer – you call me !!! While sometimes having an additional person besides your partner in the OR will remain not allowed there will also be times when it is allowed. Depending on where you have your baby I may have great access to the OR to document all those first moments. If your hospital does not allow it , that is a great opportunity to express your wishes and makes them known. We have to work together , raise our voice , and let hospital know what we want. When things comes down to patient satisfaction – things change- they want your business.

When looking at small local hospitals Wayne Healthcare is a great birthing option. The staff is very kind, the doctors are great , and while at the time of writing this there birthing suite is super old , BUT 2021 will be bringing brand-new birthing suites and family friendly (from what I am understanding ) c-section OR. Amazing times are coming – I am excited that they are my local hospital .

This c-section didn’t bring in the OR skin to skin but it was very unique in the angles that I photographed the first moments of Devon and Hali’s baby. I spent time working on the details of this birth – especially of Evelyn. Skin to skin happened on the way out of the OR, you will see that image now – it is one of my favorite images from the collection.

Your not alone during a c-section , reach out , lets talk, let me help you get a beautiful documented birth no matter how they come.




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