Birth of Rosalie| Dayton Home Birth


What did you ask for Christmas? Tammie and Todd for sure asked for a baby as they had a due date of Christmas Day 2019. Rosalie marked the 8th baby Tammie has carried and delivered and she had a track record of having her babies late, so in my mind I thought it was extremely unlikely that she would deliver on her due date so a Christmas Day due date is a pretty safe bet. Christmas morning at 5ish am I received a phone call from her midwife that she was in active labor. I knew this was not going to go over very easily with my wife but I left the house and made the hour drive to Todd and Tammie”s house for there homebirth.

Once I arrived everything looked on pace to have her baby very shortly – contractions were strong and active, she was miserable, both good markers to make you think a baby is making its way into delivery position. We had made our way through the morning hours and since it was Christmas morning the other children of the house made there way into the living room , or Christmas tree room, or birth room to open gifts . With a bit of overwhelming room congestion and wrapping paper abounding on the floor the children finished opening gifts all while Tammie fought through some contractions. The morning was spent in the birth tub, on the couch, and in the bathroom – it cyclic form until the afternoon when things kinda fizzled out.

The decision was made to take a walk around the block , if all were to remember Christmas day 2019 was warm. It was a beautiful day to be outside enjoying the sunshine and the comfortable temperatures we had. The walk did not have any significant change to the lack of birth progress at that time so a decision was made to go home, enjoy some time with our families and then come back when progress is made.

Thankfully I went home for about 4 hours and travelled back to Dayton to my brothers house, which was ideal as he only lived about 15 minutes from Todd and Tammie’s so I was much for strategically placed  to arrive back in time for delivery. We all came back to the house around 6pm to find Tammie in her bedroom and labor had significantly picked back up. Tammie had an incredible support system in place for a very long labor. Todd was great with the kids, her midwifes were there the entire time ensuring her comfort – they truly worked tirelessly with her. I should not fail to mention her kids – ohh my goodness her youngest daughters were the cutest ever when they were by her side during labor.

While the thought was she was certain to have a Christmas baby – God had a slightly different plan – as we pushed into the morning hours of December 26, 2019. I had been planning my workflow with video and photography and had my cameras in place to record the delivery in the water , leaving me both hands to fully photograph the brief moment of delivery. That all came to a crashing halt because Tammie had to go to the bathroom at which time it was discovered that it was actually Rosalie coming out and not the need to pee at that precise moment. So with video camera not in place – she was born . Tammie standing up in the bathroom – out she came. Never question why midwifes follow you into the bathroom every time you go , sometimes the urge to pee and delivery a baby are similar in nature.

Birth photography and birth work in general can take a toll on those providers. It requires a very selfless nature as you have no idea when , where, and for how long you will be at someone’s side providing that care . It comes with so many rewards as well – to watch the blessed miracle of a life being brought into the world truly can not be more special.

Enjoy Todd and Tammie’s Birth Photos below. Interested in having a birth photographer at home or the hospital or somewhere in between please contact me .



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