Birth of Kason | Miami Valley Hospital | Dayton , Ohio



Jake and Kaylee have called upon me in the biggest moments they have had as a couple. I started with taking portraits of Kaylee’s dog, which led us to engagement, wedding, the birth of both of their children together, and family portraits in between. I am without a doubt grateful for the trust and privileges they have provided me.

They had planned for a water birth for their first child but it did not work out as planned but Kaylee still delivered a healthy girl. With their second pregnancy she went forth again with a water delivery. This time she was successful and this is the birth story of Kason. Born one year ago tomorrow on April 10, 2019 at the Family Beginning Center at Miami Valley Hospital.

The delivery had minimal issues and although I am having some difficulty remembering all the small details I don’t think it was a very long labor. Quick progression in the middle of the night – 3:39am delivery time – such a commonality of births I attend. He spent a short stint of time with the NICU nurses for sucking in some undesired water after delivery , but it was all precautionary as he was fine in a short time.

So lets all wish a Happy One Year Birthday to Kason. Birth an amazing moment – don’t let it slip by without the memories captured in a way that requires the professional , knowledgeable touch. I know right now it is off limits due to this virus that is making our world difficult, but it will pass and I will be ready to roll the moment it does.

So let’s talk about your birth – wether it be c-section , hospital, birth center, or at home. You can contact me at



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