While the world staggers through the corona virus it is a relevant thought that in the next 8-9 months we will see a spike in babies being born. Surely not being out to eat and at nightly events has brought on some time for you and the partner to find some quality time together in the house if you know what I mean.

While I believe you can have a very rewarding birth in the hospital , I think when possible to do so you can have a better chance of having a rewarding birth at home. The idea of home birth is seeing growing popularity in todays environment and this was before the corona virus. Now that the virus has made more headlines in the news than political scandals in the recent past it has brought many moms wandering what they should do about there pregnancy and birth plan.

Let me first put out this disclosure. It is OK to have a baby in a hospital and for many mom’s you should only have your baby in the hospital because of preexisting health conditions or known issues with your pregnancy or past pregnancy’s. We still love you and believe you need the best but by definition of a midwife – there job is to deliver healthy pregnancy’s without complication and hospital birth centers are made for that exact reason. If you are not one of those above a home birth could be for you and I want to break down 5 REASONS YOU SHOULD CONSIDER A HOME BIRTH! 

First ensure you reach out to a Certified Midwife , you can find others who are awesome and as long as they have a Certified Midwife with them all is good. There is plenty to choose from that covers areas in around Dayton, and Eastern Indiana that are fantastic.


Seriously nothing beats your own bed , pillow, blanket, bathroom and puppy. These are your norms and where you feel secure. That security in labor and delivery means that you will be focused on laboring and delivering then what is happening in your room and why 10 different people just walked in and out during that cervical check. You can deliver your baby anywhere you want – in bed, on the couch, on the floor, in the bathroom , in a birth tub , you have tons of options and get this you may have it standing up somewhere completely different because that is how home births normally go.

There is a concern that you may make a huge mess – no worries – I have literally never seen a huge mess before and midwifes are excellent at bringing plenty of items to keep things clean – they could even wrap your mattress in plastic to protect it , they are prepared for you to have your house back to normal once you deliver and they get ready to head out the door.


You may not be the type that really want’s a bunch of family around – but I have seen it numerous times and honestly I wouldn’t want to see it any other way. Having lots of family around is so awesome and the bonding experience that occurs after baby is born is beautiful. Getting grandmas to hold their newest baby right after mom and dad is magical. While this can be done in hospitals – it is normally a couple hours later. The biggest reason for family presence is your other children. Many hospital do not allow young children to be present and this is something I really hate because all the births I attend with siblings present are magical – children may not understand everything and find some confusion in the matter at first but they quickly understand what a baby looks like and are genuinely excited to meet their new sibling. I have also seen portraits of siblings watching babies be born and the expression on their face is priceless and something that deserves to be documented. THE ONLY LIMIT IS ON HOW MANY YOUR HOUSE CAN HOLD AND HOW MANY SNACKS ARE AVAILABLE DURING LABOR. 


The average cost of a home birth in the Dayton area is between $3,000 and $4,000 dollars and in many cases that $4,000 includes me being your birth photographer included in that cost. This cost includes Midwife , midwife assistant , birth tub rental, birth supplies needed for delivery.

They’re midwifes in the Dayton area that commercial insurance covers so it is always worth checking into, others can also use money from health flex spending plans , and cost share insurance programs to cover the cost of a homebirth. Some local midwifes also offer very flexible payment plans that are affordable to you to cover the expenses.

In todays healthcare systems an average normal birth in hospital can cost about $4,000 after insurance and that is if you deductible is not one of the high ones. You could be spending 10K out of pocket and therefore it costing a lot more than a home-birth.


Labor speed could be faster or it could be slower and honestly they are both good signs.  To best describe this we go back to reason #1, comfort. You see you have already started labor at home . You have been feeling those contractions build up for a while until eventually you say oh yeah those are real I should go to the hospital. Your body is doing the work right now . You are making oxytocin and making those muscles in your uterus contract. When you are in your place of comfort your body will do its thing in it’s own time. Your baby needs time to shift and move to get into optimal delivery position . Once you make the move to the hospital and your leave your area of comfort things slow down if not stop all together. This truly creates anxiety – I have seen it numerous times. You were feeling like you were getting close to delivery and then nothing and now you are sitting in a hospital bed wondering what’s next.

That what’s next part bothers me the most in hospital births in many cases (not all)

When you are moving slow or not progressing in a hospital that means one thing – synthetic Pitocin. What’s important to know is that Pitocin is a medication and most people do not like taking medication they don’t need, but hospitals are great at dosing it up for you . Yes your contractions will return and often aggressively as they slowly increase the dose. It is my opinion that you should not have synthetic Pitocin (induction) without an epidural because the pain will be intense and you will get no breaks from it. The bad thing is neither will your baby. Let’s go back up a paragraph when I said babies need a break , they need time to move and get into the right position. Induction is forcing them to be somewhere they are not ready for and the result in the hospital tends to be deceleration in the babies heart rate every time you have a contraction and then crazy stuff starts happening like oxygen, lying on your side, vacuum assisted deliveries , and honestly avoidable c-sections. Even the simplest intervention of putting you on your left side and making you breath oxygen through a face mask is an anxiety builder and how is that giving you a rewarding birth experience?

Your midwife will closely monitor your progress and if you are not progressing adequately they will ensure you are transferred to a hospital for further intervention but the best part is that it is not done on a whim . Out of  births I have attended most in the hospital almost all of them have received Pitocin and of home births  – 0 of them have received it and none required transfer . Sometimes because you stay in the comfort of your home you have a quick easy delivery and other times it is slow and patient as you wait for your baby to come on it’s own timing.


Some of these ideas have been covered but you can be the boss. You can move when you want to move, you can eat, you can take a walk around the block. Your midwife will monitor the babies heart rate and your vitals regularly and you will not be strapped down to TOCO pads that drive most moms crazy. Babies move, the heart rate moves, and your nurse stands at your bedside for 30 minutes trying to get the pads in the right place again and then when she finds the heart rate you will have to pee and you know who stares at that OB Tracing more than anyone else ?  Your significant other. It’s true – they love watching the little line go up when you have a contraction – happens ALL THE TIME.

May 5th is International Midwifery Day – these for special women take care of birthing mothers like nobody else would – seriously they will hold you through contractions , they will get you food and water , they will monitor you closely, they will feed your children or rock them to sleep when the hours get late. They go so much deeper than delivering your child if that were not enough right. They will see you as person and as the only birthing mom they have to worry about in that time and they will give you all the attention. Birth can make people nervous no matter where they have their baby – but be rest assured that if you talk to the right people and I very happy to help you , you can find a midwife that can provide you with a fulfilling and safe homebirth experience.  

Leave me a comment below – I would love to interact with your stories and questions .




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