Birth of Maverick |Reid Health | Richmond, Indiana



Do you know anybody who has passed out at a birth? I have experience with one. It was a while back for me – it was the first c-section I had ever photographed. While I do have lots of heart for Dad to have gone through this I am also glad he is onboard with me sharing this story , and I am sure someone will find comfort in knowing they are not alone for passing out during their child’s birth.

Brent and Trisha are the 1 in 8. Dealing with fertility issues is something that no wants to face in their lives when wanting children but for those who do and overcome it – it is that much more rewarding to see your child be born. While all plans were set for Trisha to have a vaginal delivery the day she went in for induction – plans changed late in the day. She was being induced for about 15 hours or so when the decision was made to deliver via c-section. I had spent a short bit of time with them at the hospital in the early day but went home when no progress was being made . I returned to Reid when the call came that she was headed to the operating room.

While she was wheeled back to the OR at 3:17 AM to start the delivery all was well and moods were good. Everybody was just ready for a healthy baby and to be done with labor – long labor is hard work. Just shortly after heading back at 3:39AM a healthy baby boy was delivered. The presence of a double nuchal cord which I am guessing at this point with a relatively short umbilical cord was the reason for the lack of vaginal progression leading to the c-section.

Much joy and tears were experienced after his delivery – you can see it on both mom and dad’s expressions. Great moments were had , beautiful photos were taken and the surgery was complete. Dad was holding Maverick (their new baby boy) , I was standing behind him and mom . Dad turns to me shortly after they dropped the OR drape and were prepping to leave the OR and hands me his son , kinda random at the moment – but then Dad quickly went to the ground. He was assisted by the OR staff which worked out great since they were all done with mom. I was able to successfully hold Maverick and use my other arm to still get a couple epic images of the moment – which to this date I am so glad I did – it really is a memorable part of this birth story and Maverick will be forever grateful when looking back at his Dad receiving ammonia to snap him out of the daze. It did take him a bit to recover – I have a few other images below of the ride into the recovery room and resting with a cool towel and mom showing her support.

Maybe this is you in the past or in the future, so don’t worry Dad – if you go down your not alone and hopefully I will be there to document it .




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