Birth of Roka | Soin Medical Center | Dayton, Ohio

Screaming , Tears, and Makeup. The story of Roka’s birth has some interesting twist. Roka was born on September 6, 2017 at Soin Medical Center in Dayton , Ohio. It has been a while ago and in was in my early days of birth photography.

Back when I booked this birth with Eric and Jaime I remember that Eric had reservations on doing it , which at the time I feel it was the first birth I had to do some Dad convincing. It did not take long, a quick meeting and we were set, pretty sure we booked at the meeting. So Dad’s don’t stress it – it is ok having me there, it is not as weird as you might think.

The first calls came in for Jaime being in  labor but with each visit to the hospital she was sent home as she was not progressed enough.  This is such a challenging thing when you are a first time Mom, so much unknown when you feel like you are in intense labor yet being told that you don’t need to be admitted yet. I can not remember how many times they went to the hospital that night but it was a few. Finally she decided to stay home and labor it out, she sat in the bathroom and pushed because it felt needed at the time, it worked – because by the time they made it to the hospital again Roka was coming out.

I missed the birth – I got the call at about 5 am if I remember right. I had a 45 minute drive and I took off as fast I could. When I arrived I ran back to labor and delivery and I asked the nurse what room Jaime was in but she didn’t answer right away and then I heard loud screaming and I said ohhh it must be that room. I left my stuff at the door,  walked into the room, and took my first images right when the doctor placed Roka on Jaimes chest. I missed the delivery by like 30 seconds. The original plan was for an epidural birth which didn’t happen and Jaime toughed out a successful non-medicated birth.

The memory that stuck out about this birth though was Jaime and her makeup. She was miserable through the delivery and then shortly after she was full on putting her makeup on – amazing the transition of labor to delivery.

Enjoy the birth story images below.



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