Birth of Celia | Miami Valley Hospital

Documentary Birth Photography | Dayton Birth Photography

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November 12, 2019 late in the evening the snow was coming down very fast through the Dayton area. Roads not being in the best condition the drive anywhere would be slow. Courtney called me that evening and was sure labor had started. We all made a slow drive to Miami Valley Hospital. I spend a few hours with them but never left the waiting room and it was decided she wasn’t progressed enough and was sent home after a lot of walking. We ended up heading back to Miami Valley Hospital the next night after labor progressed more and she was admitted. She labored until delivery at 1:46AM on November 14, 2019. Celia entrance into the world was a beautiful experience and Courtney was able to do it without artificial Pitocin or epidural. Enjoy the many images below that show a little part of Celia’s birth.

View the Births by Tim website after viewing the Images. BIRTHSBYTIM


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