Birth of Kennedy | Wayne Healthcare | Greenville, OH

Looking back today on one of my early day births. I am not completely sure what number birth this was but I certainly was in my learning phase. Kennedy is 2 years old now, I don’t see her to much anymore as we did in her infancy when my wife babysat her several times a week.

Her Dad Brian is a childhood friend- we meet in 6th grade and here we are a whole bunch of years later with a families of our own to raise. Brian did come to me for their birth, his wife Brittany was in the loop so it wasn’t a suprise but he started the pathway for their birth to be photographed. I love when that happens, truly Dad’s can lead the way on birth photography and it is such a positive thing.

Wayne Healthcare is our local hospital where we live and Brittany at the time was one of their staff nurses so it by default of those two things became their hospital of choice for delivery. Being in a smaller hospital is interesting – because just like this case their delivery was done by their family physician as opposed to a OB or midwife, just something you don’t see to much anymore.

Brittany dug pretty deep to get through her labor and she did a successful induction without epidural, go Brittany! My opinion- It is a bit more difficult to do a non epidural induction as opposed to no epidural non medicated birth. The contractions with inductions just come fast and hard, not as gradual as naturally generated pitocin.

These images show some pain and some joy. They show close family support and the rest that comes with the success of labor and birth.

Let me hear from you and your birth. Have an exciting birth story, want yours captured, want to let me join you in something unique while pregnant or post partum – Reach out . I would love to hear from you.



Tim is a photojournalist specializing in birth photography in Ohio and Indiana. Tim serves areas of Indianapolis , Indiana , Muncie, Indiana, Richmond, Indiana, Greenville, Ohio, Dayton, Ohio, Cincinnati, Ohio, Lima, Ohio and everything inbetween. Tim believes in the beauty that comes from raw imagery that showcases the natural bond of newborns and their parents.


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