Birth of Zella Rush | Dayton Birth Photography | Atrium Medical Center

Zella’s birthday was a busy day for me. I had the anticipation that Amory (mom) would be delivering either that day or very near it but I still had other projects to work on. The call came in though that she was defiantly in labor and she was on her way to Atrium Medical Center to birth.

Amory and DeMarco decided to do unmediated birth plan at the birthing suites at the Atrium, now suite is not an understatement – these rooms are gorgeous. With large birthing tub, king size beds and plenty of extra space for family to hang out – it is a pretty ideal place to birth your child.

Atrium Medical Center is a solid hour + drive for me- took me about 1hr and 6 mins that day to get there, but I arrived- immediately entered finding Amory in the active phase of labor and she was standing up and going strong. There 3 year was present for the birth as well – so we had a very active person in the room but his aunt was by his side the whole time which was great.

The transition from labor to delivery was so quick – so quick that the nurse didn’t have time to put on her glove on the left hand – only the right hand and their doctor never made it to change her clothes . (Please note the women with sunglasses on her head – this would be doc.)

I really did love the ability to photograph this births emotions though – Amory and DeMarco both showed that deep bond with their child right away and I love documenting that.

Aside from the birth being successuful – I appreciate being selected for it. DeMarco being a photographer himself and them choosing me was a great privilege. You can check DeMarco out at social sites using @onlyshooterleft .

Let the images below show the emotion – it is very easily evident as well as Amory’s ability to rock an unmediated birth and show that amazing strength that only women have !



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